Kawa Music, founded by Hameed Khan “Kawa” in the year 2000, is dedicated to promote the music and all other forms of performing arts of the North India particularly from Rajasthan at international level. In order to extend its activities and reveal new talents, Kawa Music decided to produce an inventive show featuring a fusion of live music, dance, puppetry, theatre and circus skills.

So in September 2007, Kawa Music teamed up Alessandro Maria Torboli, Hervé Vital and Hameed Khan “Kawa” to present Kawa Circus. This special creation celebrates the street performers of India, arguably the bearers of one of the most ancient mystical and magical circuses for centuries. Featured artists include a delightful dancer, a musician and three vibrant street performers; an acrobat, a pole-vaulter and a funambulist.

Kawa Circus tells the story of a wandering troupe of artists from a Rajasthani circus arriving with all their material and happiness in rhythms and music. The public immediately shares the intimacy of this company with its tyrannical director, the mesmerizing traditional dancer, the joyful funambulist, the naïve but concerned pole-vaulter and the musician who always laughs at his colleagues.

The show starts with series of breathtaking acrobatics accompanied by music and is constantly interrupted by hilarious tiffs between the director and the artists who wants to impose his will on the artists and has elements of drama and humour in it.

Hameed Khan “Kawa,” a percussionist (tabla player) and an artistic director, descends from a long musical lineage from Rajasthan and is an exponent of both folk and classical Indian music. He has been an innovator in the field of traditional music with original Western and Oriental fusions such as The Trio Erik Marchand, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Lakshmi Shankar, Chico Bouchiki (Gypsy King), Najat Aatabou, Natacha Atlas, Henri Texier, Lo’Jo, Thierry Robin, Henri Agnel, Gulabi Sapera, Carolyn Carlson, the choreographer… and with the music of Rajasthan, like Musafir and Jaipur Kawa Brass Band, both founded by him. Through Kawa Circus, Hameed Khan “Kawa” explores a way of arranging the music of Rajasthan as a language to highlight the acts and the emotions with traditional instruments

Hervé Vital graduated from the Estienne School and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques (ENSATT) in Paris and has been working as a costume and scene designer. First starting at the Opéra de Paris, he has continued to create costumes and staging for street performances for several French companies and for important events, ballets, theatres, and operas all over the world. While designing for kawa circus, Hervé Vital used his inspiration and imagination of Indian festivities and traditional patterns, colours and materials of Rajasthan to deliver the scenery and costumes for the acts.

Alessandro Maria Torboli, a comedian and a director, studied pedagogy at the University of Verona before joining the dramatic experimental Academia in Venice. Performing with several Italian companies, he specializes in commedia dell’arte. He has produced three creations with the company Bel Viaggio in France where he has been working for the last five years, performing with different companies, teaching and producing his own creations all over Europe. Through kawa circus, Alessandro Maria Torboli has innovated the traditional Indian circus by fusing it with contemporary theatre skills and has assigned each artist a unique role, expressing the five moods, by keeping his individual identity in the act.

Thanks to this rich collaboration of Italian, French and Indian artists, Kawa Circus takes the traditonal Indian circus to a new level with amazing acts of acrobatics, music, humour, drama and vibrant colours of scenery and costumes

Kawa Circus is available to perform in indoor/outdoor venues and festivals throughout the world